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Click here to save a $1 off any all laundry detergent 24 load or larger.Save this coupon for a sale.Enjoy!

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$1 Off Any Revlon Nail Polish

Hurry and click this link for a $1/1 Revlon nail polish.This is a Rite aid coupon that can be paired up with a manufacture coupon.Enjoy!

picture curtsy of Rite aid

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GIANT HAUL!4/24/12

So I went to giant together to get in onthe cofffe mate. Although giants’ price can be quiet pricey, I always have a good couponing experience at giant.One thing i also like about giant is that they double their coupons. This is the complete break down of my transactions.

Transaction 1:                                                                                                                                   Bought (4) coffee mate creamer:3/5(three of which rang up for $1.67 and the last one rang up for $1.66)=6.67                                                                                                                           used(2)$0.75/1(got mine from fb,NLA) and (2)$0.55/1=$5.50 pay$1.17(but i paid $1.47, and i don’t know why)                                                                                                                                                     Get back a $4 catalina(that can be used on your next purchase).

This is the deal on the coffee-mate creamer that runs from4/16-5/13/12:                                                buy(2)& get$1                                                                                                                              buy(3)&get $2                                                                                                                                  buy(4)or more & get $4 coupon of your next shopping order

Transaction2:                                                                                                                              Bought(2) Kraft Philadelphia cooking creme:2/$4                                                                                used (1)$1.50/1 and(1)$1/1

Bought (4)McCormick seasoning packets:10/$10=$4                                                                   used(2)0.50/2(got my coupon from NLA,but there is a 0.75/1 rp3/25)                       (Walmart also has some McCormick seasoning packets for $.56each,that might be a better deal)                             

Total before savings$11.54                                                                                                          paid$3.50 after savings(giant bonus card and coupons)

Thanks to and for the coffee mate deals.

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Click here to snag a coupon for a $1 off resolve all- stains product.Click on the coupon tab to print your coupon.The limit on this coupon is two coupons per transaction.Enjoy!

Picture cutesy of resolve.

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This is a deal scenerio on the household cleaning products at walgreens.The deal is buy 3 or more of select participating household items and get a $2rr (good on next purchase).

Buy(3)shout free laundry stain remover:($2.99each)=$8.97                                                     use(3)$1/1mq=$3                                                                                                                             pay$5.97;get$2rr

There are also coupons on for $1/2 Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner.So you can mix and match the products to suit you need.

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Here is a deal scenario for the wisk laundry detergent at dollar general.This makes for a cheap laundry detergent.It is not free like most people like(my self included).Enjoy!

abbr i used;rp=redplum,mq=manufacture coupons

Buy (1)Wisk laundry detergent 42oz:$4                                                                                                 use $2/1 (rp 3/25)                                                                                                                                   pay $2

There is also a $1/1 mq on code 77477) and also on there facebook page.

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Rite aid deals for 3/11

  • L’Oreal youth code cleaner:$4.39
use: $5/1 rite aide video values(v v) coupon =free
  • Easter card-bury egss:B1G1F:$0.99c each
buy (2):.0.99c
use: $0.50c coupon(rite aid v v
final price:0.49c/2
  • Tylenol precise: $6.99

use:$2/1 coupon.(click the link here)

Pay:4.99.Get 2+up(like paying 2.99) limit of 4

  • Nestle pure life bottled water:2/$7

Get back:$1+up(limit of  2+up)

  • $0.88c items:

smart water,vitamin water,dasani water,powerade.

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