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Transaction 1: Buy (5) Garnier shampoo/conditioner @$3/1= $15(spend $15 get back $5 +up (limit two +up))

use (5) $1/1 mfq =-$5

pay $10 (get $5)


Transaction 2: Buy (5) Garnier shampoo/conditioner @$3/1= $15

use (5) $1/1 mfq =-$5

use $5 +up (from trans 1)=-$5

pay $5 +up (get $5+Up)



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Rite Aid Deals Match up (04/20- 04/26)2014

Hello My readers, I have been gone for way to long.I am back now and ready to post some deals for you. This is the deals match up for rite aid the week of 04/20. I will updates as i find some new deals.Thank you for reading. I f you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


  • Garnier product:(spend $15 get back $5 +up limit 2)  

                      garnier shampoo and conditioner 10-130z  = $3 ($1/1 mfq Rp 4/06)

                         garnier Nutrisse hair color=$7 ($2/1 mfq rp3/02 and rp 04/06)

  • axe product:(buy 2 get $2 +up limit 2)

                         axe (deoderant, bodyspray,haircare,bodywash)=2/$9

                            ($1/1 axeq riteaid vv)

                            ($2.50/1 axe hair care mfq rp 3/23)

                            ($1/1 axe body spray of del mfq ss 3/23)

  • dove shampoo/conditioner=$2.99

                      ($1.50/1 mfq  or $2/1 mfq both from rp 03/23)

  • simple skin care product =B1G1 50%(BUY 2 GET $2+UP)

                     ($2/1 rp 3/23 exp 04/20)

                     ($2/1  simple cleaner mfq    ss 04/13)                                  

  • Listerine mouth wash( buy 2 get $2+up) 

                       listerine smart rinse mouthwasg =2/$6

                               ($1/1 listerine mfq ss 4/13)  

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Click this link for a $1 off any cortaid product. The cortaid product is part of a spend $10 get $5+up reward deal at rite aid for the week of 5/6/12. Enjoy!

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$1 Off Any Revlon Nail Polish

Hurry and click this link for a $1/1 Revlon nail polish.This is a Rite aid coupon that can be paired up with a manufacture coupon.Enjoy!

picture curtsy of Rite aid

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This is the break down of one of my rite aid coupon haul for the wee of 4/29.Rite aid is one of my favorite drugstores to shop at.Rite aid allows you to stack rite store coupon, rite aid manufacture coupon with manufacture coupons that starts with a 5. Being bale to stack mulitple coupons on an item helps you to get the best deal possible.I purchased all the item in one transaction.

Some abbreviations I used;vv=video values;L=limit;mq=manufacture coupons

I bought:(i had $5+up reward coming into this transaction)                                                                    (3) Kellogg’s special k Cereal:3/$9;get $3+up reward                                                      (2)Skittles:2/$1=$1                                                                                                                                  (4) Oreo cookies 2/$1=$2                                                                                                              Total:$12                                                                                                                                Used(1)$1/3q kellogg’s special k cereal,(2)$0.50/1 skittles(vvq),  (2)$1/2 Oreo cookies(also a vvq)and $5+up=$9                                                                                                                                            Paid $3;got$3+up reward 


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Rite Aid Pharmacy - With Us, Its Personal.

The week of 5/6  at rite aid there is going to be a +up deal on Bayer products; where you spend $15 get back $5+up reward(limit of 2 per household).All the products under this deal are B1G150%. Right now there are a couple of coupons that can be found on for products that are included in the deal.Click here to print you coupons.

Here are some of the coupons available :                                                                                                $2/1 any Midol 20ct or lager,                                                                                                                   $1/1 Alka-seltzer product,                                                                                                                      $1/1 Campho-phenique product,                                                                                                              $1/1 Flintstones multivitamin products

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possible Free veet at rite aid 3/18

Click this link for $2 off coupon for any veet porduct.

Deal scenerio:

buy 1 veet for 4.99(store vary by store)

use $2 manufacture coupon and $2 in store coupon


get $1 +up

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