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GIANT HAUL!4/24/12

So I went to giant together to get in onthe cofffe mate. Although giants’ price can be quiet pricey, I always have a good couponing experience at giant.One thing i also like about giant is that they double their coupons. This is the complete break down of my transactions.

Transaction 1:                                                                                                                                   Bought (4) coffee mate creamer:3/5(three of which rang up for $1.67 and the last one rang up for $1.66)=6.67                                                                                                                           used(2)$0.75/1(got mine from fb,NLA) and (2)$0.55/1=$5.50 pay$1.17(but i paid $1.47, and i don’t know why)                                                                                                                                                     Get back a $4 catalina(that can be used on your next purchase).

This is the deal on the coffee-mate creamer that runs from4/16-5/13/12:                                                buy(2)& get$1                                                                                                                              buy(3)&get $2                                                                                                                                  buy(4)or more & get $4 coupon of your next shopping order

Transaction2:                                                                                                                              Bought(2) Kraft Philadelphia cooking creme:2/$4                                                                                used (1)$1.50/1 and(1)$1/1

Bought (4)McCormick seasoning packets:10/$10=$4                                                                   used(2)0.50/2(got my coupon from NLA,but there is a 0.75/1 rp3/25)                       (Walmart also has some McCormick seasoning packets for $.56each,that might be a better deal)                             

Total before savings$11.54                                                                                                          paid$3.50 after savings(giant bonus card and coupons)

Thanks to and for the coffee mate deals.

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Click here to snag a coupon for a $1 off resolve all- stains product.Click on the coupon tab to print your coupon.The limit on this coupon is two coupons per transaction.Enjoy!

Picture cutesy of resolve.

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This is a deal scenerio on the household cleaning products at walgreens.The deal is buy 3 or more of select participating household items and get a $2rr (good on next purchase).

Buy(3)shout free laundry stain remover:($2.99each)=$8.97                                                     use(3)$1/1mq=$3                                                                                                                             pay$5.97;get$2rr

There are also coupons on for $1/2 Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner.So you can mix and match the products to suit you need.

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Here is a deal scenario for the wisk laundry detergent at dollar general.This makes for a cheap laundry detergent.It is not free like most people like(my self included).Enjoy!

abbr i used;rp=redplum,mq=manufacture coupons

Buy (1)Wisk laundry detergent 42oz:$4                                                                                                 use $2/1 (rp 3/25)                                                                                                                                   pay $2

There is also a $1/1 mq on code 77477) and also on there facebook page.

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This is my Walgreen’s match up for the week of 4/22-4/30.There isn’t a lot of great deals but these ar ethe beast ones i noticed.Enjoy.

U by kotex sleek tampons 18pk:$3.99                                                                                             use$1/1 printable or 3/25ss                                                                                                pay$2.99;get$3rr

Hp black ink:$14.99

I-cool+D menopause relief:$10.99

Psoriasin psoriasis relief 0.75oz:$5                                                                                                  get$5rr

Wet ones 40pk:2/$4                                                                                                                     use(2)$0.75/1(ss 4/22)=$1.50                                                                                                          pay$2.50

Skintimate shave gel 6-8.4oz:$1.99                                                                                                    use$0.55/1mq(ss4/22 or ss3/25)                                                                                                pay$1.44(not the best price)

Raid max bug barrier 30oz:$8.99                                                                                                           use $3mq and $1/1(Walgreens April coupon booklet)=$4                                                                 pay$4.99

Shout free laundry stain remover:$2.99                                                                                      use$1/1mq                                                                                                                                            pay $1.99

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Rite Aid Pharmacy - With Us, Its Personal.

This are my rite aid match up for the week of 4/22-4/30. I really enjoy couponing at rite aid. Of course when it comes to good customer services it is on a store to store bases.Just remember to have the rite aid coupon policy with you when you go to the store and if there is a need for it, also have the corporate number with you just in case you need additional assistance.I will also put together scenarios that will help you with your shopping experience as well. Enjoy!

Some abbreviations I used;vv=video values;L=limit;mq=manufacture coupons

Tresemme product: 2/$7.00                                                                                                                  use(2)$1/1q(printable); pay 4 get 2+up(limit 2)

Kellogg cereal(raisen bran 8.7-16.5oz):3/$6.00                                                                             use(1)$1/2q(printable); pay$5; get $2+up

Aveeno hair care:$5.99                                                                                                               use$2/1q(ss 4/15); pay$3.99; get$1+up reward (limit2)

Samy hair care:$8.99                                                                                                                   use$2/1mq(printable) and$2/1vvq; pay$4.99; get$5+up reward(L3)

Coppertone sun care:$9.99                                                                                                             use$1/1q; pay$8.99; get $2+up reward

Stride/Dentyne ice/Trident Gum:3/$3                                                                                                         get $2+up(L4)

Arizona Tea:2/$1 (or single purchase of $0.59)

Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Foundation B1G150%;(spend$15;get $5+up)

Deal Scenario:                                                                                                                                  buy(2) Revlon foundations:$13.99+$6.99=$20.98                                                                      use(2)$3/1vv and (2)$2/1mq=$10                                                                                                 pay$10.98; get$5+up reward

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possible Free veet at rite aid 3/18

Click this link for $2 off coupon for any veet porduct.

Deal scenerio:

buy 1 veet for 4.99(store vary by store)

use $2 manufacture coupon and $2 in store coupon


get $1 +up

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